Recruitment of App Developers for Android / iOS

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Hi Devops’ers,

We are interested in talking to freelancers who would like to make Apps for an international clientele. We make the software architecture and you make the software. Let us know if you can pull this off. We would need to vet you if we do not know you already, so, we will have you write some relevant test software which will attract some symbolic payments - like a lunch or so - but where the purpose simply is to see if you have the necessary capability.

Typical job size is in the region from USD 300 and up per job.

Please ask any questions within, and all conversations will also be kept here, as we do not have time for individual conversations until the point where we have decided on your candidacy. We solely hire, and pay through, so getting yourself an account there is also a good idea.

Digital Age Software House
David T. Svarrer


Hi @dash , am interested, how do i start


Maybe start by sharing your 1 page CV, with a focus on skills, your achieved, measurable, results you can show, professional references.



Hi …I am an Android Developer and I’m interested…You can check out my portfolio at for more details


My goodness, this substring hides very well when someone responds. I am just seeing your response by coincidence :-)… Please email your credentials on - no guarantees for anything.

Focus: Android, iOS, Hybrid