The future of Javascript


Back then when JavaScript was fully used on the client side, thanks to Ryan dahl a new platform for JavaScript was born and was given the name Node js, which is basically runtime enviroment for js, which helps in creating server side application using JavaScript, the best thing about this platform is that it is single threaded unlike java which is multi threaded, real time applications and apis can be written using this platform.
Then later on came Express js, which is a web framework, in short Node js has almost replaced Apache that is php and MySQL for web apps on the server side.

Node js, express can be mixed with front end technologies such as react js and angular, react native and ionic for mobile…lastly am still practicing the platform and willing to master it fully in the next couple of weeks, i believe with Node there is a bright future in technology.


the best thing about this platform is that it is single threaded unlike java which is multi threaded

being single-threaded is no advantage, in fact it’s quite the opposite, and why it uses an event-driven asynchronous model to prevent linear blocking hence messy callback-hell.

While it’s not yet close to Apache in terms of usage, nor will it replace it (nginx,caddy… could though) as it is not primarily a web server, I have to agree with you that Javascript has been on the rise over the past few years.

If you have interest in Javascript, go for it. Nodejs is simply a javascript runtime, hence what you should be mastering is Javascript, and React is a bit deal nowadays for full-stack as well as mobile devt (so I’d recommend that as the framework to work with).

I’d recommend checking out the Mozilla developer portal as I believe they have the best js docs and references, as well as checking out Pete Hunt’s how-to for learning React:


Thanks chief for your contribution towards the topic, have mastered node js, what am currently learning is react js/native.